Octopus Kites is an online store that sells giant high-quality handmade, yes, octopus kites.

Each kite is 49 feet long and amazing to watch.

More than just selling them, he photographs and videos the kites eerily moving around in the wind in various locales like Burning Man and San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

Laughing Squid

Rusty Blazenhoff, Laughing Squid

The only problem with such a kite is dropping the neighborhood think that the Earth is being invaded by aliens.

Maicon Andrade

People walked to us from miles away just to see the Octopus Kite!


I'll be running thinking it's war of the world's lmfao

Christina Schultz

Love mine!

Anne Stevenson

I fly kites. Alot of times I say the dollar I spent at store for kite is the best investment I ever made.

Dennis Hayes

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