Octopus Kite Starter Kit

Octopus Kite Starter Kit

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The Original 3D Tube-Shaped Parafoil Octopus Kite.

Huge, 49 feets long kite made of high quality material - the slowly moving tentacles are amazing in the wind.

People in a 3 miles radius will come over to wonder about the new space alien in the sky.

Don't buy cheap imitations. Buy the Original Octopus Kite (as shown in the videos).

The Octopus Kite Starter Kit Includes Everything to start flying:

  • 1 Octopus Kite (Black, with red spots)
  • 500 feet long, 150 lbs strength Kevlar Kite Line
  • 9"5 Kite Reel
  • Kite Bag 

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